Bernie Storey's Meccano Cable Car

Bernie writes: "On a recent visit to New Zealand I passed through the city of Wellington. One afternoon driving out to the coastal area I noticed holiday homes built a long way up inaccessible cliffs. On closer inspection they all had mini cable car systems for access. However unlike normal cable cars that run over a constant gradient, these had their tracks laid close to ground and hence had gradients that change over their course. Clearly there had to be some special mechanism that would keep the car level in its journey. I then discovered the supplier’s web site which gives excellent pictures and I was able to work out how it worked. I then just had to build a prototype and thank God for my Meccano! I knocked it up in a few hours. Maybe some of your readers could improve on this and even build one of the curved variable gradient monorails that are shown on the website! I hope you find all this of interest."