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Dave Blood's Erector-Built Operational Pile Driver

Dave writes: "In No. 10 Erector sets from 1924 to 1932, there is a part “AK” pile driver casting. However, the pile driver models in the manuals bear no likeness to the steam pile drivers of that era. I used a compilation of photos to come up with a pile driver that looks like the real steam pile drivers, and actually drives a 30” long, ½” dia. wooden dowel through a rubber friction pad and down through a hole in the table.

The motor on the right drives the “AK” pile driver casting up and down to pound the dowel downward. The motor on the left controls the slow and realistic speed of the descention. All the parts are Erector or Erector repros except the flywheel on the left motor shaft that is necessary to provide the inertia to overcome the weight of the “AK” pile driver casting.

Also, the Erector parts are from several different years of production. I should mention that the coal in the bin of the pile driver is vintage American Flyer coal."