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Dave Blood's Erector-Built World Trade Center Towers

Dave writes: "For our A.C.G.H.S. midwest regional meeting, and in remembrance of 9/11, I built a model of the World Trade Towers -- all Erector parts with the exception of the little brass ball I made on my engine lathe to represent the fountain in the plaza. The model contains all original panels and rivets from a Skycraper Set.

The height of the model, not including the antenna, is 51 inches. The bill of materials is as follows:

Qty.  #    Description

 64   ND   6" upper story sections
  4   NA   3" main entrance sections
  4   NB   3: ground floor sections
  2   NG   roofs
352   MT   snap rivets
100   S51  1/4" X 8-32 screws
100   N21  8-32 sq. nuts
 40   DP   12" angle girders
 48   I    21 hole strips
  1   DA   10" axle rod
  4   P15  couplings
  1   BT   pierced disc

Because of the brass rivets, I used brass round head screws for a better color match. Everybody knows there were brass nuts in Erector sets, but I'm not sure if there were brass 8-32 screws. The brass screws were a personal preference thing for this model. The Skyscraper Set comes with nickel plated screws that threw the color scheme off for the Towers. Obviously, in addition to the rivets, the 12 inch angle girders that comprised the frame had to be fastened with screws and nuts through the cardboard. And, when you are making a skyscraper with the 12 inch angle girders on the inside, the 8-32 screws that come with the set have such a small diameter head that they almost pulled through the cardboard sections when tightened. The brass screws that I used had slightly larger diameter heads."