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Erector Factory-Built Windmill

Hi everyone, Doc here, with a rare treat for all of us from Girders & Gears reader David Lagatta: one of the splendid factory-built store display models Gilbert used through the years to help promote his Erector sets.

Actually, David wrote in to ask for more information about his wonderful model, which he describes as follows: "...approx 34 in h, 12 w, 8 d, lights on 4 corners and 2 on eash blade, lock washers, and built with yellow Erector tags front and back of the base. A-47 motor. Runs very well. Any idea of year made, how many made, and value?"

Well David, based on your photos, the model features the No.5 Illumination Accessory Kit, which was available for five years, from 1949-53**. The model also features the 1952-53 version of the A-47 Electric Engine, which is distinguished by the notches in the protective plate on top of the gearbox. The overlap between the two suggests that your store display model dates to 1952-53.

As for the rest, well I can't tell you how many were made, or what it might be worth on the collector's market, but I'm sure that others who see this pictorial will be able to supply that information. If anyone out there has any additional information about this display, please write in and let us know.




**Although Greenberg's Guide claims that the No.5 was only available through 1952, it does appear on the 1953 Spare Parts List).