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Dean Shellenberger's Steelcraft Zeppelin and Bilt-E-Z Hotel

Dean writes: "This [Zeppelin] model is from a kit as sold in the late 1920s and early 1930s from Steelcraft. It consists of steel plates screwed to a series of rounded frames within. The model has 5 engines and is nearly 30 inches long. It is suspended over our train platform on its way to the Empire State Building model. The real Empire State Building had a mooring tower at the top for Zepplins to load and unload when the building first opened in 1931, though in operation it proved troublesome and was quickly abandoned due to high winds.

Chicago Style Hotel - This model was made from several 1920s sets of Bilt-E-Z parts from the Scott Manufacturing Compay of Chicago. It is nearly 30 inches high and fits the Pre-War "City" theme of our train platform. The building system consists of metal 2 inch by 2 inch wall, floor and roof metal pieces that fit together by friction. Though the colors and style fit our platform well, it took two large and one small set to complete this model. I added interior cloth curtains to each of the wall pieces for better realism. Without the curtains, the building appeared "empty" as you could see clear through from one wall to the other. There are some color variations in the model, as you can see. This is due to having only certain colored parts available - finding more sets of parts would have curing this problem."