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Dean Shellenberger's 1928 B Erector Ferris Wheel

Dean writes: "1928 B Gilbert Ferris Wheel - True to the original and very well crafted are a couple of these models already exhibited in the Gallery. However, being short on some of the original parts, my version has some improvisational fabrication you may find interesting.

Segmented sheet metal, hand-cut, bent and painted to match the rest of the red parts was used for the gondola roofs. The wheel axle/wheel main support colums are Type I Gilbert girders painted to match. A third lateral brace was used in the middle of each set of columns to stabilize the entire structure. The model is screwed at the bottom of each main support column to a plywood base which sits a couple levels up from the train platform surface - I ran out of space a long time ago on the train platform surface so I build plywood sections off the side or up above the table to display new models. Note the Wheel itself rotates between two parachute jumpers from the Gilbert Parachute Jump Ride model located adjacent.

If you look closely, you will see Buffalo Head nickels secured above the entrance ramp for decoration representing the price for a ride. The lettering is simply press on letters from a crafts store. The axle is more robust than the typical Gilbert one, to handle the weight better - the original was way too pricey, so I used a hardware store rod. The model is not yet powered, but this shouldn't be a problem. Hope you enjoyed checking out this variation of a Classic."