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Dave Ware's Type III Erector Bascule Bridge

Dave writes: "Here is the Type III Bascule Bridge from the Master Powerline Set of 1973/74. Thanks to Bruce Hansen for the plans. The original model called for the Drum Hoist to be driven via ladder chain from the Powermatic motor. A separate DC3 motor powered the flywheel from a battery pack via another ladder chain. The battery pack served as a counterweight for the bridge.

Not having all the parts, minor modifications were made to the structure. Also the structure was changed to allow the Powermatic motor and Hoist to be mounted side by side and directly coupled. The flywheel was rubber band belt driven off of a shaft on the Powermatic motor. This made for a much simpler drive arrangement and only one motor was required.

The counter weight box was modified to hold an old speaker magnet. This provided just the right weight to make the bridge operate smoothly. With these changes, the model could be made with a Senior Powerline set with a few extra parts."