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Dave Ware's Meccano Erector Car

Dave writes: "My wife came through again on Christmas with a new erector set for me; the Design 4. It features 'memoflex' metal which can be bent and will return to its original shape. This is a new concept to me. The featured model is a sports car shown here. It goes forward and reverse with a battery powered motor. The flexible metal makes for a curved sporty design. Not all of the pieces are flexible to allow for a solid construction.

These new sets feature step by step instructions which an old time Erector builder would find strange. In the old days one would look at pictures of the finished model and build from there. With the new step by step method, one selects a group of parts and assembles them accord to an exploded view of a small part of the model. This process is repeated until the model is finally fully assembled. It is usually not possible to discern what part of the model one is assembling until one gets several pages into the instructions, which incidentally are essentially wordless."