Dave Ware's Giant Erector Robot

Dave writes: "My church's Vacation Bible School theme this year included robots, so naturally I had to build a life size one for the kids. It is over 4½ feet tall. A motor in the body connects via flexible shafts to a drive shaft concealed in each leg. Each drive shaft is made with 2 long perforated strips. One picture shows a leg with one side removed so the drive shaft is visible. A gear in the foot at the base of each shaft meshes with a crown gear that also acts as a drive wheel. I stole an idea from Dr. Prune and added a mechanism to move the head from side to side. This robot had to talk, so a speaker is mounted in the body. It will have electric eyes, but they were not mounted at the time these pictures were taken as field trials were still underway. An unexpected fall would have been dangerous to the health of the eyes. Wires for the motor, eyes and speaker go down the corner of one leg.