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Dave Ware's Custom Erector Creations

Dave writes: "[The first] picture is of a double size Ferris Wheel using alternating B and E girders (13 each) attached to a BN center hub. The rest of the design is similiar to the original. [The next] picture shows a large plane ride using the larger parachute ride as a base. The planes are also much larger and more detailed.


The last model is what I call a roller coaster. There used to be a very small version of this in the back pages of my 4½ book. A small car made from to MC plates and 4 Z wheels is lifted up to the top and dumped onto rails made of edge on C girders. It rolls half way down and then flips over onto another set of rails and rolls the rest of the way down and back to the start. The plate that lifts the car also pushes on a lever on the top that pulls the motor out of gear. Two pictures show the overall model and a close up of the flip over portion.

At present, I am working on an improved version of the roller coaster. It is slightly higher and is planned to flip 3 times and travel the length of the structure 4 times, ending back at the start at the bottom. I hope to fully mechanize this so that the plate carring the car will return to the bottom and catch the car at the bottom and automatically lift it up again. I am waiting for more parts ... so I can complete the model. I have not yet solved all the problems of making it fully automated. I would be happy to supply more information to anyone who is interested.