Dave Ware's Erector Rocket Jets

Hi folks, Doc here. Dave sent me these photos of his version of my custom Rocket Jets Ride. To see that model, CLICK HERE. Now, on to Dave...

Dave writes: "Hi Dr. Prune: I thought you might want to see your famous model reproduced. I could not have built it without your tutorial. I built much of it sitting in front of my computer.

I did make a few changes. I was unable to get a bearing plate and bearings from Wagner, so I just used the old standby of two BN plates face to face. I also used MN base plates for the base instead of wood. Since my 12" axles didn't have flats on them, I used shorter axles on top and bottom with flats and coupled them together with a 41 holes strip with a P37 collar on each end. The big change that I made was to use swivel joints on the suspension pieces so that the rockets would fly out as they spun [Doc here: actually, I also used swivel joints, but didn't make this clear in my tutorial], and to use an OI segmented 72 tooth gear driving a P13 pinion gear on the vertical shaft (see picture) to give varying action on the flight.

It was very interesting to see all the new innovations that you made with Gilberts parts to make this model. A lot of them do not seem to have ever been used before.