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Dave Ware's Erector Walking Robot

Dave writes: "For at least 50 years I have wanted to build the "Mysterious Walking Giant" as shown in the back of my 6½ manuals. But, not having the parts or plans, I opted for a larger fixed leg man with a motor between the feet driving the wheels. Now that I have purchased the cheaper parts to a 12½ set, I made a "poor man's" robot close to the 12½ set circa 1949. I couldn't afford the treads and 4 tread pulleys wouldn't have been too much less, so I used P7 wheels and P13 gears with O pawls in the feet as there wasn't room for the CJ gears used in the original. I figured that the design in all the promotional pictures with a perforated strip dragging on each side of the feet would not work too well on a smooth floor, nor would the robot roll well on a rug.


The pictures also always showed a boy with a screwdriver in his hand, so taking a clue, I left the back off to allow for tinkering to get everything set up correctly and to keep it in good working order. Most everything else is per the original plans including the swinging arms. I was even able to get my hands on a P55 motor for much less than a king's ransom. Having led a sheltered life too, I was unaware of the apparently numerous other versions out there."