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Dave Ware's Erector Spirograph

Dave writes: "This is a motorized model of a Spirograph. An assembly with a long arm holds a pen in a fixed position. The pen is held down with an A girder which has two AE springs attached to it so that the pen presses on a writing table. The table has a piece of cardboard on top on which a piece of paper can be attached with paper clips. The table moves left and right, forward and backward, and rotates all at the same time to generate patterns.

The table sits on a truck which contains the motor and is rotated with a flexible shaft by the motor. A bearing plate is used to give smoother rotation. The truck sits on a track on a frame. An excentric on the motor is connected to a fixed point on the frame which causes the motor to pull itself as well as the truck and table forward and backward on the frame. This frame in turn is mounted on a larger truck. This truck sits on a track on the main assembly. The same excentric is connected by a longer arm to a fixed point on the main assembly and causes the motor to pull the larger truck left and right on the main assembly (along with the frame, smaller truck, motor and table). The table rotates once while the excentric turns 9 times. Once properly adjusted, the mechanism ran smoothly."