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Dave Ware's Erector Eiffel Tower

Dave writes: "I tried to make a reasonable replica of the Eiffel Tower. The scale is about 1/200. It stands 56 inches tall. I downloaded actual pictures and data from the web as a guide. The little white car in some of the pictures is actually about two times the correct size!

This model could probably be made with a 12½ set and a few extra pieces. It was initially constructed in 3 sections, the base, the middle section and the final tower with a TV antenna on top. The middle and upper sections are only filled in on 2 sides as I did not have enough parts to complete them. You will note that the two sides shown of the middle section are not identical for the same reason.


If you look carefully at the left leg in the front view up by the first level, you may see the light blue of the P47 motor mounted upsidedown under the platform in the corner by the leg. A right angle drive and a flexible coupling were used to raise the tiny elevator to the top. To scale it is actually bigger than a normal elevator."