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Dave Ware's Poor Man's 10½ Electric Train Set

Dave writes: "I recently acquired a 10½ Electric Train Set (called the 'World's Champion' by Gilbert) for a reasonable price. At that price it had a lot of missing parts. Among them being the locomotive, track, and 2 of the 16 NO 3/4" flanges wheels. Other parts that were also unique to this set and therefore scarce are the NL, NN and NM. Unfortunately some of these were missing also. Luckly I had an old Lionel locomotive with a similiar look and HO track.

Three missing NN flange plates were made by sawing 1" off MF base plates with a hack saw in a miter box and bending them in a vise. ME base plates could have been used without sawing, but the MFs are more readily available. Some touchup filing was required. A missing NL bolster bracket was made by bending an H 11 hole strip.

One missing NM Flange Plate was made from a duplex hole version of an MN 12" base plate by hack sawing 1" off each end in a miter box. Both ends needed to be sawed off in order to get the correct hole pattern. This was then clamped between 2 pieces of wood in a vise and the protruding part tapped over to make the extra flange. An S base plate is the right size and hole pattern, but it is a heavier gauge.

Now the only thing holding me back were the 2 missing NO flanged wheels. I was able to purchase the equivalent Meccano part. The result is shown. Only 2 cars could be built at one time with the parts that Gilbert supplied. More cars are in the manual and could be built at the same time if an inexpensive source of the NO flanged wheel could be found. Each car requires 8 wheels. Extra NM and NN and NL parts could then be made as needed. When warmer weather comes, I will repaint the parts that I bashed."