Dave Ware's Erector Dump Truck

Dave writes: "Here are pictures of the Dump Truck model for the 9 and 10½ sets. It is a cut above the one from the 7½ but not a 'White truck'.

Initially I couldn't get the steering to operate smoothly. I finally figured out that the hood construction picture for the chassis showed the LX steering column bracket in the wrong place. The screws showed on the outside on the dump truck in a different position. Upon moving the bracket, it worked smoothly. A check of the other truck models showed it correctly for the farm truck and fire engine and incorrectly for the derrick truck. All were found in the 1949 12½ manual.


Not wanting to bend MF plates for the fenders, I stole the design for the fenders from the 12½ set half-track. I had to experiment to figure out where to attach the perforated strips for the dump portion as there was not much help in the diagram. The tail gate is shown defying gravity in the manual drawing. It barely opens when raised as you can see from the pictures. I don't remember having problems like these when building as a child."