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Dave Ware's Erector Windmills

Dave writes: "Some time ago I built a small windmill from Meccano parts from about 1920. Not having any manual, I had to make this one up. Recently I decided to build a series of windmills from the 1949 manual. Of the 8 available, I built 4. I didn't build any of the 3 in the 1½ section or the second one in the 6½ section. The ones I built are all in one picture so you can compare their sizes. Each one is powered by a different source. The 2½ model uses elbow grease; you turn the crank. The 4½ one goes by a A48 wind up motor. This is the only one I had built before, but not for over 50 years. The 6½ one uses the A49 motor. The 10½ one is supposed to use an A49, but I ran out of motors and used a P55. I couldn't bear to take apart my No. 12 walking beam engine or a carousel to get another A49. The Meccano one uses an old low voltage Meccano motor.


Apparently in those days they didn't worry about lethal weapons. The 10½ one uses a 12" EX big channel girder and a DP 12" Angle Girder for each sail. It calls for a high speed gear train to drive it. Putting your finger into that could cause big problems. Those sails are only held on with one screw. I used lock washers to keep them from loosening up. Other than that I built them exactly as shown in the manual. I even went against my vow not to bend parts. I bent the MF plates for the peaked roof on the 10½ one."