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Doc's Exacto-Built Dockyard Crane

Hi folks, Doc here. Here's another model from the great Exacto Crane and Helicopter Set, the dockyard crane. It's a fairly standard crane design, one commonly seen in port facilities and freight yards around the world. It features an enclosed cab sitting atop a medium height, splay legged tower. The cab rotates 360º on four small plastic pulleys. The boom attached to the front of the cab is raised and lowered by means of a manual crank. On the other hand, the lifting hoist, geared down with a pinion and sprocket, is powered by the set's electric motor via a pulley and (included) rubber belt (see last photo). The motor's on-off/forward-reverse lever is accessible through an opening in the right side of the cab. The roof of the cab is made from flexible metal plates formed into a shallow arch; clear plastic plates represent the cab windows. The finished model stands 13¾" tall; the cab and boom (in a horizontal position) measures 15" end to end.