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Doc's Exacto-Built Horizontal Lift Bridge

Hi folks, Doc here. Here's my third model from the Exacto Crane and Helicopter Set: the horizontal lift bridge. It's one of two bride designs included in the detailed instruction manual, the other being an arch suspension bridge. The model shown here features a flat road deck and two vertical towers joined at the top by a framework of large truss girders. The central section of the deck is suspended from this upper framework by "cables" that run over a series of pulleys. The upper ends of the cables connect to a motorized hoist mounted between the truss girders that can be used to raise and lower the deck horizontally. When the deck is in its normal lowered position, it rests on a pair of supports mounted to the inside face of the towers. The finished model measures 13" tall by 20" long. The photo above right shows the Hastings Rail Bridge, a real world example of a horizontal lift bridge. It spans the Mississippi River at Hastings, MN.