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Doc's Erector Walking Robot (G-Bot #5)

Hi folks, Doc here. This is one of the "walking" robot models illustrated in the 12½ Master Builder's manual. They are distinguished from the simpler motorized Erector robots by their oscillating legs, which gives them a more realistic walking motion. It is a bit tricky to actually get them to "walk" (the tendency is for them to stand in the same spot and wobble back and forth), but once adjusted properly they will scoot right along.

I decided that as I built each variation I would try to add something extra to the model, particularly in its animation. For this version, I have made one change to the look of the model by raising the MC shoulder plates up about a ½-inch on pivoting "hinges" made from O pawls.

The real secret of this model, however, is that I have added additional gearing (see photos) which causes the head to rotate back and forth on its "neck" axle as it walks. A pair of P-48 mitre gears translate the rotation of the primary motor drive shaft to a long vertical axle with a BT wheel at the top. An 11-hole strip attached to the wheel connects to a CJ gear and 5-hole strip combination on the neck axle causing the head to turn about 30 degrees in either direction from its normal foward facing position.