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Doc's Erector Hammerhead Crane

Hi folks, Doc here. This model is a nearly exact replica of the one shown in the Amusement Park set manual; it can be built with both the 9 and 10½ sets. The only modifications I made to it were the addition of a control booth on the side of the boom and the Erector flag on the top of the boom.

The 38" long crane boom pivots on two BN plates, while the A49 motor sits at the back end of the boom and acts as a counterweight. Motor gearing performs several functions: when one set of gears are engaged, the lifting dolly moves forward or backward along the top of the crane boom, its Z wheels riding along the MB and DP angle girders which form the top of the boom. When a second set of motor gears is engaged, the electromagnet is raised or lowered beneath the dolly; 2 NK ratchets screwed to the motor engage 2 P13 gears to keep the magnet and its payload from falling when the motor is in neutral. The 4½ volt electromagnet is powered by 3 D-cell batteries which are mounted in series beneath the platform on which the boom pivots. It is operated by means of a simple switch made from a G strip and a BY insulated strip.