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Hylton Smith's No. 10 Meccano Models

Hylton writes: "Here are three more models for the web, two were built with the largest Meccano set No. 10, the large loco was built in 1957 by myself and my twin brother.

The 4-6-2 loco shown here in black and white was built in 1957 by my twin brother and myself. The model gives an idea of just how large our Meccano collection is. A motor taken from an old radiogram turntable was used to work this model and that valve gear worked perfectly.

The other two models were built from leaflets supplied with the No. 10 Meccano set. The model transport bus was a static model but did have a steering gear. The Meccano wheels used did not come with the set but were bought as accessories. The inside interior was complete with seats and a stairway to the top deck.

The locomotive in yellow had a 20 volt Meccano to power the wheels. This model was on display at The Hobbies Fair here in Port Elizabeth in the early 1980's and is based on a typical English passenger locomotive."