Hylton Smith's Miscellaneous Meccano Models
Hylton writes: "On this batch we go back to the 1930's and beyond. The Argosy aeroplane was one of the earliest to fly passengers from London to Paris in the 1920's. This model appeared as a Super Model Leaflet published by Meccano at the end of the twenties along with many other leaflets which are collectors items today. Inside the fuselage is a Meccano 20-volt motor that drives the three props and as you can see was a very impressive model.

The battle ship comes from a pre-war No. 7 manual when the No. 7 was the largest outfit available and is today one of the most sought after sets. You will have noticed by now that I like building historical models.

Now for something more recent. The Citroen front wheel drive chassis was my own creation. The model has a three speed and reverse gearbox and differential. I did not include a clutch. The rack and pinion steering worked perfectly, and as it was a French car I did the steering in left hand drive, something I never really do as all our cars out here are right hand drive. Inside the engine was a 12-volt Meccano PDU (Power Drive Unit) that provided the power for the model. The gearshift lever was on the dash board in true Citroen style. The pictures say more about the models than words can."

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