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Hylton Smith's Meccano Radial Engine

Hylton writes: "Here is a model I have always wanted to build, a five cylinder radial engine, something "off the beaten track". I cannot recall seeing a working model of this type of engine, although I have seen static models on the subject. How do you put a collective amount of connecting rods and pistons on a single crank pin? The radial engine employs what looks like a large eccentric, a master conrod on a large disc (see drawing attached), the other conrods are pinned on the outer edges of the disc, the engine crank pin passes through the centre of the disc (master conrod) and the whole assembly rotates like an eccentric after the master piston fires and sets the crank rotating, the other pistons will then follow suit and keep the engine going. For a more technical explanation go on the web and type in RADIAL ENGINE like I did for information on the subject. The model is driven by an induction motor from an old radiogram turntable. Only the top cylinder has valves on my model for demonstration purposes, and looks very impressive in operation."