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Hylton Smith's Meccano-Built Marklin Riverboat

Hylton writes: "My latest model should be something after your own American heart I'm sure, as well as all the enthusiasts way down South in Dixie! All aboard to the music of Bix Beiderbecke and his gang with Frankie Trumbauer (is that "Mississippi Mud" I hear?), Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang. In reality this is really a Marklin super model built in Meccano. I found the instructions on the Meccano web ring (see magazines and manuals). Thanks to the unknown Meccano man who posted the complete instructions. This model appears to be a Marklin model kit and not a particular set, and I liked the challenge that it presented. The paddle wheel is driven by a 20v Meccano motor and driving bands, the dummy connecting rods functioning as well on both sides. The model was specially built for inclusion in the quarterly issue no. 100 of the Johannesburg Meccano Hobbyists Newsletter to be published later this year, our centenary issue. I am sure that a lot of all my unknown American friends sharing the same hobby will appreciate this model, why not try it and give it a go as well!"