Hylton Smith's Meccano Sidevalve Engine

Hylton writes: "This four cylinder side valve engine appeared in a French Meccano Magazine in the middle 1950s with full working instructions, as I do not speak French I used the pictures only as a guide. The crankshaft webs were built up from five hole strips clamped together by screwed rods and made up a very robust crankshaft. The camshaft cams were made up from collars with angle brackets attatched, pushing up against half inch brass pulleys at the bottom of the push rods, all in correct timing. It had to be perfect as you can be sure someone in the crowd would check it out.........and they did when this model was displayed at a toyfair recently. The pistons were each made up from three Meccano boiler ends sliding in Meccano boilers used as cylinders. Look at the generator and you will see these parts I used. The model was powered by my usual 250 volt induction motor I use for long running purposes."