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Hylton Smith's Meccano Yard Crane

Hylton writes: "Hello there Doc ... greetings from Africa! [This] is a model of a yard crane for lifting heavy material in the steel industry. The model is powered by a 20-volt Meccano PDU (Power Drive Unit) with all the movements, i.e. swiveling boom, travelling bogey, and load hook hoist. This model was recently on show at a hobby expo we had here in Port Elizabeth along with other models. Note the base on which it is standing: the sector plates have only 8 holes dating back to pre-war (WWII) years as compared to the current sector plates having 9 holes. Most of my modelling is done in red and green but I have been refurbishing plates to the pre-war blue-gold hatched colour, I will be sending you some models with this colour scheme in the near future."