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Hylary Smith's Meccano Robots

Hylton Smith writes: "Reading Michael Vanvalkenburg's comments on his Meccano No. 8 robot brought back happy memories for me. I first saw that robot way back in 1947 in a friend's new No. 8 Meccano instruction manual. Although his set was in postwar red and green the models were still printed in the cross hatch blue gold, a sure indication that prewar printing blocks were used. The cross hatch soon dissapeared after that. This information may give Michael an idea of just how old that model is! For historical purposes I am enclosing a full page of this Set K robot as it appeared in the instruction manual so that Michael can make comparisions between the two models and the instruction manuals. Happy building..............!


[These are] three examples of robots built in Meccano by my twin brother Hylary. They all use the same system of walking, two cranks set at 180 degrees operate the leg movement, powered by electric motors, with the usual ratchet arrangement at the feet. These models are always a good subject at exhibitions."