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Hylary Smith's Meccano Theatre

Hylton Smith writes: "This model was built by my twin brother Hylary. It could almost be a junior Radio City. The original was featured in Meccano Magazine in the mid 1930s and was built by the model department at the Meccano factory in Liverpool. It was never issued as a model to build and no model instructions were ever issued, all that you had to go by was the details in the article, so my twin improvised as he went along.

All the dancers move in unison lifting the right leg as if dancing. The leg is pivoted and held taught by a length of cord, as the body twists the leg moves up and down again when the body faces the front. The pianists move from side to side as if playing! on the left and one on the right. The complicated mechanism is shown on a separate picture and is his own design. The model was worked by an induction motor taken out of an old radiogram turn table."