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Jay Bigarel's Erector-Built Steam Plant

Hi folks, Doc here. My friend Jay is back with a customized version of the No. 7½ Steam Plant model. Such models were very popular with Gilbert and his engineers throughout Erector history, as evidenced by the large number of similar designs that appeared in Erector manuals of all eras. Shown at right is the specific model design that Jay based his version on. To my earlier point, the How to Make 'Em Book that this image is taken from contains over a dozen different model deisgns of similar industrial engines and related devices, some mobile and others stationary, like this one. Read on, and enjoy...

Jay writes: "I enjoyed this project, but when I got it done I looked at it and decided that I could do more. That’s why I installed the house with a light in it and then the stairs. I also did the light over the gearboxes, shined up the boiler, got a decal, and put a wide flat belt type pulley for a PTO."