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J.J. Kaye's Märklin Metall Giant Ferris Wheel

Hi folks, Doc here. Mike Kaye sent in these photos of his son J.J.'s amazing Vienna Ferris Wheel model. According to his dad, J.J. - a university student and champion athlete - has been building for many years, and it shows! This spectacular model is from a special Märklin set (5000+ pieces!) released in 1997. The model is based on the famous Riesenrad ("Ferris wheel") located in Prater Park in Vienna, Austria. The wheel, one of the largest ever designed at 200 feet in diameter, was first erected in 1897. Near the end of WWII, its operating system and all 30 of its large, enclosed cabins were burned. It was restored shortly thereafter, and has been in continuous service ever since. You can read more about the Riesenrad here and here. And now, enjoy J.J.'s amazing creation.

A tantalizing look at another of J.J.'s Märklin models: the Eiffel Tower