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Larry Kuretich's Gabriel Erector Dragline Model

Hi gang, Doc here. As most of you know, the last year that the A.C. Gilbert Co. produced Erector sets was 1962. What you may not know is that in 1965 Gabriel Toys purchased the Erector rights and began production of their own version of Erector. A model built from one of those sets is shown below, along with pictures of the plastic case that the set came packed in and some of the model plans. Now, enjoy...

Larry writes: "Attached are some photos of a Dragline I made with the [Gabriel] set and [pictures] of the original box. The scanned plans were in the set. There were two sets of plans in the box. As you will notice, the bucket on the dragline is my own creation. The Erector parts I tried were not heavy enough to achieve the proper action to get the bucket to dump. I would like to add electric motors and sheaves to operate the machine, but alas I will have to find another set to have enough parts."