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Doc's 10½ Version of the No. 10 Coal Loader

Hi folks, Doc here. After seeing a late 1920s-1930s Gilbert Erector manual for the first time, I was instantly intrigued by the "coal loader" model depicted on the front cover. After inquiring with a friend, I learned that the model could only be truly built with the rare and famous, not to mention ridiculously expensive, No. 10 set. Not being one of the lucky owners of that set, I decided to try to duplicate the model as closely as possible with my early 1950s 10½ Amusement Park set. At the time, I had only a faxed scan of the manual cover to go by, but I later acquired a few copies of the No. 10 How To Make 'Em Book - the manual cover depicting the model in question is shown above right. The results of my re-creation are shown below, including video of the model in operation. Enjoy!