Larry Worley's Erector Steam Powered Walking Beam Engine

Hi folks, Doc here. I've got something new for you - a clever combination of toy technologies by a clever builder. Read on...

Larry writes: "I build from a 10 1/2 Musical Amusement Park set from Pandy's. (I'm still impressed with their quality of restoration.) One day I thought 'since the Walking Beam Engine simulates a steam-powered machine, why not run it with steam power?' I simply ran a longer axle from the motor and attached a P7 Pulley. I tried a few smaller steam engines, but the power just wasn't there, so I brought out the 'big guns'. (It is hard to see, but the WB Engine is actually operating. I've shown the motor's plug as evidence).

The larger pistons on the Steam Tractor gave more than enough power to operate the model. The tractor tends to jump about when under load, so I devised a crude, but effective, shock absorber using foam rubber. The speed is controlled by the throttle on the tractor. I plan to design a more attractive and efficient stand to hold the tractor on my next model. I simply fire up the tractor, sit back and watch. Now I can play with my two favorite toys at once; Steam Engines and Erector. ERECTOR RULES!


Notes on model construction: I modified the WB Engine by using a longer axle and moving the Walking Beams 1" outboard of the MV pivots. This gave better alignment with the large wheel drive linkages and I did not have to use the longer screws. I also ran a C girder brace at the top between the two towers and these really gave a lot of stability to the whole thing. A little oil and when it runs all I hear is the motor grinding away."