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Larry Worley's Erector Steam-Powered Carousel

Larry writes: "During the holidays our house guests wanted to see the Erector Carousel. We built it per the manual and it looked and worked great. Then I decided to use one of my steam engines, just for kicks. The model is powered by the Jensen #75 Steam Engine. Yes, although I am a Wilesco fan, I do have one Jensen engine. (But please don't tell anyone!)

I had to build a different base, or tower, to support it because the A49 would be replaced. Since these steam engines run very fast, I use various gear or pulley ratios to get the speed I need. Notice the transmission with several sizes of pulleys that I built to use as needed.

The drive belts are actually O-Rings that I got from the hardware store. Can you see the bubbles in the window of the boiler as the engine builds a 'head of steam' in preparation to run? Also note the CJ Gear mounted to the MY base plate. I placed one ball bearing (scavenged from an old, burned-out drill) inside it to support the shaft. With a drop of oil, this really reduces the friction and the whole carousel spins very easily. Although this isn't very complex, it was still fun to build and play with."