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Larry Worley's Erector Steam-Powered Locomotive

Larry writes: "Never being fortunate enough to own a Hudson Locomotive Set myself, I decided to build my own locomotive, but with a little different concept. I wanted to build a steam engine powered by a steam engine. Originally, I had planned to build a larger engine and hide the steam engine inside, but that was beginning to look a bit 'dorky' so I changed designs. I actually painted coffee cans for the boiler. (Horrors!)

The engine is driven by six wheels connected with 'pusher linkages' so they all work together. The drive shaft on the rear car is connected to the main shaft of the engine. The rear axle is driven by a P12 & P13 gear combination. Each wheel has an AA Crank secured behind it and long screws extend through the spokes. I had used only four wheels originally, but then realized that I' need more traction, so I added the extra set. That is why the simulated pistons are so far forward on the model. And I had to place 8 ounces of weight inside the boiler to prevent the wheels from just spinning and going nowhere.


This thing actually works better than I had expected. I even took it for a trip down the sidewalk. It went about 50 feet and I turned it around and just barely made it back before the steam ran out. I know this isn't very pretty, but it just shows another application of steam-power to Erector Models. I love that combination! ERECTOR RULES!"