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Larry Worley's Erector Giant Steam Power Plant

Larry writes: "Some Erector fans have written me asking to see if the Wilesco Steam Engines can really power the models. Well, here ya' go. This is your basic Giant Power Plant model, except for the parts that I had to move or alter because of the steam engine. This unit is powered by the Wilesco D366 Steam Roller. (A beautiful toy in itself, don't you think?) I had to move the governor to install the transmission that I needed, so I just built a tower and placed it up there.


If you look closely, you can see the 'blurry' governor weights and spokes in the inertia wheel and pulleys which indicate movement. Look closer and you can even see the steam and smoke from the tractor. This steam engine can actually spin this contraption so fast that the whole Power Plant starts shaking violently, because it isn't a precision-built machine, of course. Luckily, the steam engine has a throttle and, of course, a real steam whistle! I hope you enjoy seeing this one. I know that I really get a kick running and watching it. '110 volts AC?' 'I don't need no steenkin' 110 volts AC!' (Just kidding Erector fans.)"