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Doc's Merkur AH-64A Apache Helicopter

Hi folks, Doc here. This is the feature model from the Merkur AH-64A Apache Helicopter construction set. This set introduces a new U.S. brand name for Merkur (or M-KUR): M-Incredibles!, a.k.a. M!. It also introduces three new parts to the Merkur inventory.

At nearly 500 parts, the set is a mid-range entry in the Merkur product line. Like all of the newer sets, it includes a full color manual printed on slick paper that features many models in addition to the titular Apache helicopter, some with step by step instructions; over 40 different aircraft-themed models are pictured. As such, this set is actually much more versatile than its name might suggest! The parts, shown in the phot near the bottom of this page, are either plated or painted dark forest green (the same green that is used in the Army Set).

As noted, Boeing Aircraft Company's AH-64A Apache attack helicopter is the featured model of this set. The completed model is shown in the photos below. Assembling the model is relatively straightforward, helped by detailed instructions. The finished, which measures , features rotating main and rear rotors; the main rotors can also be tipped to any angle. As the photos indicate, the model makes a handsome display piece.