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Doc's Merkur M7 Crane Truck

Hi folks, Doc here, with the second Merkur-built model to appear here in the Girders & Gears Model Gallery. This great-looking model can be built with the M7 and M8 sets, and features a swiveling crane assembly with movable boom mounted on the bed of the truck, plus lots of nice detailing.

Just as with the M6 Tractor that you can also see here in the Model Gallery, this model features steerable front wheels. And, like the tractor (which also has a closed cab), steering is accomplished by turning a small wheel mounted atop the cab; this wheel is attached to the end of a rod that connects to the steering apparatus on the truck's undercarriage (see photos).

A single photo in the manual was all I had to go by (just like with so many Erector models!), but with some trial and error construction went smoothly, resulting in one of the better model designs I have seen produced from a metal construction toy system in some time."

Truck with crane assembly installed

Right-side cab detail (note "steering wheel" on top)

Cab front detail

Crane operator cab detail

Truck with crane assembly rotated

Truck front axle detail

Truck with crane assembly removed - side view

Same as above - oblique view

Same as above - top view

Same as above - front view

Same as above - rear view

Rear axle/wheels/tires detail

Front steering detail

Truck rear view (detail)