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Doc's Merkur John Deere® Tractor

Hi folks, Doc here. I built this model long ago using a very nice set that is unfortunately no longer in production. The Merkur John Deere® set came packed in a sturdy cardboard box printed in full color (cover shown below). The 616 total parts were arranged in two stacking yellow plastic trays. Like all Merkur sets, these trays were covered with formed clear plastic covers to help keep the parts in their individual compartments. The box itself featured a full color label on the inside of the lid that depicted all of the parts included in the set (shown below); this parts diagram also appears on the back cover of the instruction manual. This was a full-color manual that featured step-by-step instructions for building 3 different tractor designs, a hopper trailer, a harvester, and several pieces of machinery to be towed behind a tractor (see sample page below). Non-plated parts were painted in John Deere green and yellow, and the John Deere logo appeared on two of the rectangular plates (used for the sides of the engine hood in the tractor model shown below). For this feature, I chose to build the first tractor in the manual, along with the large hopper trailer. The results are shown below.