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Merkur Industrial Machine Tool Series: Model No. 308 - Industrial Lathe

Hi folks, Doc here, with the third installment in my series of machine tool models from the Nejstarsi ("oldest") Merkur manual (you can download a copy of the manual from my G-Files page). This time out it's an industrial lathe, or "soustruh" in Czech. This particular model, No. 308, could be built with the No. 7 Set of that period (1920-1938). I built the model with a modern No. 8 Set, just as I did with the previous two models in this series. The image below shows page 74 from the manual, the one devoted to Model 308. The photos below that are of the finished model, built from these instructions.

Front view

Rear view

Detail of the cutting tool platform; this platform slides freely along the rails of the lathe frame

Detail of the drive center and flywheels

Detail of the drive gearing

Detail of the spindle mount; the assembly slides freely along the rails of the lathe frame