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Doc's Merkur M6 Closed Cab Tractor

Hi folks, Doc here, with the first Merkur-built model to appear here in the Girders & Gears Model Gallery, the Closed Cab Tractor (my terminology). It is the "featured" model of the M6 Set, appearing prominently on the cover of the box. The model features the large #1083 tires and corresponding two-piece wheels, removable cab with clear plastic windshield, a hitch unit on both the front and the rear for pushing or towing, engine with air cleaner, and more.

The model also features steerable front wheels. Although the tractor has a replica white plastic steering wheel in its proper place inside the cab (see first 4 photos), with the cab installed it could not be used to turn the wheels (can't fit your fingers inside). The clever solution was to extend an axle (connected to the steering apparatus on the tractor's undercarriage) up behind the driver's seat and through the cab roof. Turning a small wheel mounted atop the cab on the end of this axle operates the front wheels (see photos below).

This is one of the few models in the large M3-M8 manual that has photos showing construction of different subassemblies, rather than a single photo of the finished model (like the single drawing of most models in Erector manuals). That was fortunate for me, since this was my first crack at Merkur! Now that I know the parts a bit better, I'm ready for one of those single-picture designs. So, enjoy the photos of this small (9" long x 4¾" wide x 5½" tall) but beautifully detailed model. It was a blast to build, and I can't wait to start work on the next one!

Tractor with cab installed

Tractor with cab removed

Cab detail

Cab detail

Cab door with step

Tractor frame

Frame detail

Front end with headlights

Tractor rear view

Rear detail with trailer hitch

Rear wheels/tires

Front steering detail

Tractor engine with air cleaner

Tractor cab assembly

"Steering wheel" on top of cab

Undercarriage steering detail (front)

Undercarriage steering detail (rear)

Tractor underside

Rear wheel and tire components