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Doc's Merkur "Cross Express"

Hi folks, Doc here. This time I have a special treat for all of you model/toy train fans out there. In their current product line, Merkur has three small sets devoted to trains. The first of these is the No. M030 "Cross Express." This great little set builds a 3-piece train that includes a small 0-4-0 freight engine, a tender, and a car that can be either a caboose or a passenger car, depending on your preference. The other two sets really function like accessory or expansion sets for the M030. The M031 builds a second type of small freight engine and a gondola car. The M033 set builds a hopper car and a crane car.

For this pictorial I built the M030 and M033 models. The result is the five piece train you see in the photos above and below. Neither of these sets includes an instruction manual. Rather, the back of the box cover features a full color illustration of one or more of the models that the set was designed to build, along with a parts diagram and inventory (see the sample from the M033 set below). The instructions are not missed, however, as these are simple models that can easily be built using the few illustrations provided. I built each model according to the illustrations, but, of course, you can redesign any or all of the models to create your own new engines and cars. These are fun models to build, and make a nice display piece when finished. They'd be good ones to build with your kids too, since they are small and fairly simple. If you like what you see here, hop over to our Store page and pick up an M030 set for yourself!