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Mike Kaye's Märklin Metall Do-X Seaplane

Hi folks, Doc here. Mike Kaye is back with another spectacular Märklin model. This one is the 4700+ piece Dornier Do-X Seaplane, one of four special Märklin sets from years past (the others being the Steamboat, Eiffel Tower, and Ferris Wheel). The featured model is based on the largest airplane of its day, the famous Do-X flying boat built in Germany in 1929 by Claude Dornier. You can read more about the Do-X here and here. And now, here's Mike:

I finally got around to building the 4700 parts "Do-X." There is one photo in the set of the Roper-Whitney Metal Roller. This model could not have been successfully completed without the use of this tool. I purchased mine about 15 years ago. It is still being offered today for about $600.00. This model required a great deal of metal shaping. Other than photographs, Märklin does not offer any guidance as to the proper curves, angles, or bends. I guess there was a reason I have been sitting on it since 1991. The completed model is 47", 43" wide, and 12" tall.

Mike's Roper-Whitney Metal Roller