Michael VanValkenburg's Late 20's Caboose

>Michael writes: "[Here's] an easy model here from the '29 era. This caboose is shown on page 73 of Greenbergs Guide vol. 1 and also in many old manuals as 'New Erector builds these models.' I made a few changes from the picture, I made mine a little more compact. The sides are S baseplates, the roof was also shown that way, but the pieces all had to overlap. I had some MN plates someone took a magic marker to, they got re-painted black and fit just right. The model was too tall as shown to go with the #7 locomotive I had built, so I changed the way the top was built. I must have 50 N long double angles, I used a bunch in my design. The wheels shown are Zs, I had more P7s so I used those. It looks pretty good up on the beam behind the locomotive, next maybe a tank car or flat car to go between them."