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Michael VanValkenburg's Giant Erector Robot

Michael writes: "I had this guy at our Spring regional meeting, he was well received. Took the better part of a long cold Winter to build though. He stands 5 ft. tall, and weighs about 25 pounds. There are 33 large baseplates in it, and on & on & on. My parts stash really took a hit. One Erector motor powers all his action, including - The antennae on his head spins, his eyes rotate in opposite directions, his jaws travel back & forth about an inch, the left hand opens & closes and the right rotates 360 d. all the time. Lots of mitre gears, ladder chain, BT disks and spring belts do all the work. He rolls on eight wheels, I didn't attempt any walking action, for fear of it tipping over and crushing someone's child. The Coke can in the photos kind of shows the scale, I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like, starting with the 'chest' - I tried to scale the rest of the model to that. I already have some ideas for next Winter - better be another long one."