Michael VanValkenburg's Mechanical Wonder

Michael writes: "Last October at the first regional meeting I went to, Harvey Nash brought a '29 Gilbert catalog. Inside were all these intricate models called "Mechanical Wonders." I knew I just had to build one. It took seven months to find all the parts and build it. The picture is from a '28 Gilbert catalog Harvey Klein put on eBay. Once I had that, I was in business.

The FC and FK machine frames are excellent repro's from Louis Goetz. The EO 6" base plates came from Bill Bean, the FB cams, FJ rack, DU ¼" axle and most of the gears and sprockets came from Wagners - thanks guys. When I build, I use repro. screws and nuts, these came from Pandys.

I made the AB couplings and EB ¼" collars, the ABs thanks to Doc and Joe Long who supplied the dimensions. Mike Davita and Frank Sargent both searched their "classic period" #10 manuals for instructions for this model to no avail, all I had was the picture. I did a few substitutions on parts, mostly because I had more of some - the A49 for the P56G, a P7A for a cone pulley. It took some time to get it all running smoothly; if you want to see it running, be at the ACGHS show in New Haven this August - I plan to have it there, it really is a 'Mechanical Wonder.' Thanks again to all who helped!"