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Michael VanValkenburg's Mysto Erector Train

Michael writes: "I had a good size box of Mysto Type I parts and always had it in mind to build he Panama Canal Crane. After realizing the size of it, and the fact that besides the basement I didn't have a place to put it, I needed another model for these parts. After some thought, I decided a train would fit right in at a combination Erector - Train show as this years ACGHS show in New Haven. I guess it fit in, it won a prize that I am quite proud of for "Most Unusal Gilbert Model."

All together, it's almost 5 ft. long, but its 6 in. width makes it a good fit up on that beam. It was shown as a line drawing in the 1915 Erector manual, and no single set had enough parts to build it. I found out why...I lost count at 140 of the P2 large right angles, and there are 30 P8 small wheels. I ran out of the original screws and nuts early on and had to go with repro. ones. My Type I parts box is about empty. Thanks to everyone at the show that voted for it, it meant a lot to me."