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Michael VanValkenburg's Erector Walking Robot

Michael writes: "Hello Doc, it only took 45 years, but I finally got to build the 'Mysterious Walking Robot'. I'm sure others like myself stared in awe at the photo on the manual covers from the smaller sets, just imagining 'if only I had the Master Builder Set'. I had to modify mine, of course, I wanted to do it now without the 12 1/2 set parts. It came out pretty good, actually will walk a little like Frankenstein, but thats o.k. I changed the feet the most, you can see them in the photo, an O pawl and P13 pinion keep the leg from kicking back. The rubber tires are o-rings. The lower 9 hole strip had to be moved up 4 holes from the directions, its stride was way too long. I put the back on backwards if that makes any sense, otherwise the 7/8" screws holding the upper back legs had to come back out. It also makes it look 1/2" fatter, something this model could use. Good things take time I guess, but 45 years?"