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Michael VanValkenburg's Meccano Walking Robot

Michael writes: "This guy happens to be my first (of many) Meccano models. I'm not jumping off the Erector boat, but the Meccano parts are just great. I saw a model like this on eBay last year, it was in France, sold for $1,600.00. My thought was 'I would rather build it than buy it'. I don't have a parts total for this guy, I bought loads of them, my guess would be in the $200.00 range.

This robot was meant to be built with the #8 set around 1950, I changed a few things that I thought worked or looked better. One was the hands, the ones in the picture looked useless. The feet I changed the most, the manual showed loose brass wheels with a sprocket for each back wheel. I could see those going across the floors...scratch city. I went with all rubber tires, and thought up my own ratchet (with Meccano parts) to keep it from kicking back when the other leg was advancing. I believe he walks (arms swing also) better than the Gilbert model, he just strides right off. The foot part is a lot cleaner looking I believe than having the Erector treads on them. A 20 volt Meccano 'cricket ball' motor powers him, off an old train transformer. I had to re-paint most of the parts I used, the others were cleaned with car wax. The brass gears are all machine cut, incredible how precise they are for what was a kids toy. Can you tell? I'm hooked on Meccano."